Engage Gatsby Gala: Cindy and Harriette

Finishing off our coverage of the Engage!13 Gatsby Gala, I wanted to share with you this photo of the amazing Cindy Novotny, founder of Master Connection Associates! I just love it. You can really tell how happy she is. And doesn’t she look amazing in her necklace from Charm & Chain!!!

Photo by Andrew Henderson for Carla Ten Eyck

Photo by Andrew Henderson for Carla Ten Eyck

“Julie made me feel like a celebrity that was living the life of a Gatsby Gal.  Thanks for the special touch – it made the evening beyond compare!”  Cindy Novotny


I have to tell you that I was really honored when I got a call from Harriette Rose Katz, Founder and President of Gourmet Advisory Services, asking if I had anything that would look good in her hair! As you all know, she is an icon in the industry, and I have never seen her looking anything short of perfectly put together!  It was an honor to have her and her associate Tracy Friedman come to the suite and select some fun pieces to wear! Here is what she had to say:

“I must admit that I try to bring all the jewelry I think I would need at the Engage events…but the gatsby gala threw me for a loop.  I was so happy to hear that Julie provided gorgeous things.  I was amazed at her collection.  I chose a comb that she promised I could buy…I loved it so much…and it was totally appropriate.” -Harriette Rose Katz

Cindy and Harriette, thank you so much for coming to the Style Suite and letting me blog about it! You both looked amazing!

So that’s it for now on our Engage!13 coverage.  I would love to hear your thoughts, and answer any questions you have about how to dress for a themed event!


Engage!13 Gatsby Gala: Amanda, Aimee, & Lacy

When I think of getting into the Gatsby spirit for the Engage!13 Gala, my dear friend Amanda Allen, Founder of NewlyWish, is the image that comes into my mind. She really rocked it in the Johanna Johnson headpiece and Charm & Chain cuff, didn’t she!?!?!

Photo by Allan Zepeda

Because of Julie, I felt glamorous and totally put together.  It definitely added to my nights enjoyment and gave me confidence knowing that I had the help of a professional who really knew my style and the look I was trying to achieve. And when a gal looks great, she feels great, too.  Thanks so much, Julie! You’re amazing!”                           -Amanda Allen

Photo by Allan Zepeda

I absolutely love this photo of Aimee Monihan (left) owner of Tropical Occasions and Lacy Branch, Owner of Lacy Branch Events. They both look amazing…like they just stepped out of The Great Gatsby!

“Using The Stylish Dresser at our Gatsby Themed Gala was so much fun! I had just seen the movie and had found a great dress to channel my inner Daisy Buchanan, but had yet to find the perfect accessories. Julie’s ability to gather so many fabulous items, from my gorgeous Charm & Chain drop earrings to the fabulous and perfectly matching Joanna Johnson head band, literally made my outfit come to life and complete my look 100%. I felt like a celebrity with my own stylist, and the selections we had were all wonderful and so varied. Every one who used an available item was raving about what a great idea it was. Thanks again to Julie Sabatino and all the wonderful designers who lent their items to take our Gatsby attire to the next level” –Aimee Monihan

Aimee is wearing a Johanna Johnson Headpiece, Charm & Chain earrings, Thomas Laine bracelet, and a Moyna bag.

“What a treat it was to experience The Stylish Dresser in action!  I arrived and the line was out the door with women who were excited to glam up their dresses with fabulous Gatsby inspired accessories.  Julie was hands on with her big beautiful smile offering people her expert opinion from handbags, to headbands and everything in between.  It was such a fun experience, and for many people accessorizing themselves for an event is one of the hardest things to do.  Not in this case, Julie made it a breeze.  I loved seeing everyone styled that night.  Thanks Stylish dresser for making our night just a little more fabulous.” -Lacy Branch

Lacy is wearing Nadari earrings from The Wedding Suite by Nordstrom, and a Johanna Johnson headpiece.


Engage Gatsby Gala: Vanessa, Michelle & Lauren

I love going through the photos from the Engage!13 Gatsby Gala…what an magical night it was!  I am so happy to share some of those moments with you through the lens of what people were wearing.  Helping them Get Their Gatsby On at The Styling Suite was so much fun, and I hope you enjoy this snippet of a great night!

Michelle and Vanessa

I think that Vanessa Kreckel of Two Paper Dolls (left), and Michelle Rago of Michelle Rago Destinations look amazing in this photo!!! Doesn’t it look like they are really from the Gatsby era!?! Vanessa is wearing a gorgeous Moyna handbag that perfectly compliments her dress, and Michelle is wearing a caplet also by Moyna, and a bracelet and earrings from Thomas Laine. Gorgeous! 

“”I cry my eyes out every time I get invited to a costume thingy because I prefer not to dress up. So when Julie Sabatino of the Stylish Dresser emailed saying she was providing an accessorizing suite I breathed a sigh of relief!! I trust her taste and she did not disappoint!” Finding the right dress was stressful enough! She made me feel beautiful.” -Michelle



Photo by Carla Ten Eyck

Lauren Brunner, of Donna Morgan is looking fresh and lovely in her Johanna Johnson Headpiece and Moyna bag.  They compliment her outfit perfectly!!!

“I love a theme party and I thought the Styling Suite provided that little something extra to the evening.  I loved being able to pick and choose my headpiece and clutch for the evening as they aren’t items I have in my wardrobe.”


Engage Gala Recap: Jasmine, Harmony and Samantha

Continuing our coverage of the Engage!13 Gatsby Gala, we are so excited to feature some of our lovely industry friends.  Thank you for your kind words ladies, and for using The Stylish Dresser Suite!!!

Photo by Allan Zepeda

Photo by Allan Zepeda

Jasmine Star is the owner of her own California based photography business. Doesn’t she look amazing here wearing a Jennifer Behr headband!?!?! Here is what she had to say:

“Julie, thank you SO much for the Styling Suite at Engage.  It was such a fun experience to be dolled up by you and your creative team…I appreciate your attention to flair in the spirit of celebration!”



Harmony Walton, owner of The Bridal Bar in L.A., (pictured here with the always dapper Donald Akin of the One and Only Palmilla) is looking lovely in her Gatsby attire. She is wearing a beaded Moyna shrug, Jennifer Behr headpiece, and earrings from The Wedding Suite at Nordstrom.

“From someone who doesn’t always love a themed dress code, this party was absolutely the best – in large part because of Julie Sabatino’s Style Suite to help us fit the bill.  Her mega on-location closet and beautiful accessories were so fun to play dress up with, it really kicked the night off right!”

Samantha Roberts

Samantha Roberts, Social Media Guru at The Knot is a vision in her Gatsby Gala garb. To complete her look, she chose a Johanna Johnson headpiece and a Moyna handbag.  She said:

“You were such a great help to me as I tried to complete my look for the Gatsby Gala. You were able to see my dress, listen to my vision and helped me pick out the perfect accessories to take me back to a more glamorous era. I received compliments until the very end of the night and had the time of my lifeIt’s true that a few fabulous accessories can transform an entire look. Thanks so much for your help!”

We could not agree with you more about the accessories, Samantha! Thanks so much!!!


Engage Gala: Rebecca and Kathryn

This week on the blog, I thought it would be fun to give you a peak at some of the amazing ensembles worn by our industry colleges to the Engage!13 Gatsby Gala. Each one of them came to the Styling Suite to finish off their Gatsby look with the accessories we offered. They have also been kind enough to share their thoughts on the experience in the quotes below.

For those of you that have never been to Engage, you should know that everyone really goes all out with their outfits for the Gala. But this was the first time that it had a theme, and everyone took it to a whole new level!!!

Seeing everyone having so much fun in their Gatsby Glam was a career highlight for me, and I am so glad that we could help with the festivities!


Photo by Allan Zepeda

It is not an exaggeration to say that these two ladies have changed my life.  By creating, organizing, and continuing to put on the Engage! luxury wedding business summits, Rebecca Grinnals and Kathryn Arce have made the wedding industry a better place, and one that I love being a part of.  Their vision of creating a “conference they would want to go to” has enriched our lives through education, relationships, and inspiration. And you can see by all the photos that they have elevated the standards by which we do things. I’ve been honored to attend six Engage’s, and to participate as a partner in the last one.

Thank you Rebecca and Kathryn for all that you do! Each time you blow me away!

“We were thrilled when Julie approached us about creating a Styling Suite for our Gatsby-inspired final night engage!13 Gala at Biltmore House and knew it was a perfect fit to offer to our attendees.  Everyone loved it and raved about how special it was – it made everyone feel like a celebrity and really added to the excitement of preparing for the eventWe loved our glittery hair pieces and jewelry – they were the perfect complement to our overall look!”

-Rebecca Grinnals & Kathryn Arce, Engaging Concepts, Founders of Engage! 

Kathryn is wearing a headpiece by Jennifer Behr, and Rebecca is wearing a headpiece by Johanna Johnson, and earrings from The Wedding Suite by Nordstrom.


Styling Suite Recap

Two weeks ago at Engage!13 at The Biltmore in Asheville, NC, we set up a Styling Suite to help our industry colleagues get their Gatsby on for the Gala. We brought down over 200 hand picked accessories from amazing partners to finish off their Gatsby looks.  We wanted to share some of the photos of the Suite and the fun we had.

A big thank you to Jeremie Barlow for the amazing photos below, and to everyone that visited the Suite!!!





Biltmore: One Dress, Two Ways

Now that we’ve envisioned styles for a bride and her bridal party for a beautiful wedding at the Biltmore, we’re dreaming up two looks for our bride for her rehearsal dinner, based on one stunning dress.

Biltmore Estate wedding, Asheville, NC

Photo credit: Woodward & Rick Photography

How gorgeous is this rehearsal space? Inspired by the Great Gatsby-themed gala held at the Biltmore for Engage!13, we’re focusing on creating a feel that is vintage-inspired without crossing into costume-y, over-the-top territory. This Nina Ricci gown is a perfect fit: the satin and lace hark are luxurious and and full of classic glamour, while the sheer bodice and relaxed skirt with pockets keep it modern for today’s fashionista.

Biltmore Rehearsal

For a more formal or traditional vibe, we’re showcasing sparkly accessories in tones of silver, with a retro Mary Jane sandal, Deco-inspired earrings and a simple bracelet, and an amazing bag you wouldn’t be surprised to see on the arm of Daisy Buchanan.

For a bride who wants to look a little more casual and funky, we’ve chosen bold accessories in black and emerald green to stand out against the vivid white of the dress. A thick black cuff adds a sparkly statement and these sleek Jimmy Choo heels add a dark and sexy touch to an otherwise sweet dress. Add in a few hints of rich green in the form of ornate earrings and a beaded clutch, and this bride has a high impact yet appropriate look for the night before her biggest night.

Which look would you choose for this dress?

Dress, Nina Ricci

Formal accesories: Thomas Laine earrings / Charm and Chain crystal bracelet / Moyna bag / Jimmy Choo pumps

Casual accessories: Thomas Laine emerald earrings / Charm and Chain cuff / Moyna clutch / Jimmy Choo sandals

For more rehearsal dinners:


Ask Julie

Question: I want to have a vintage-inspired look for my wedding, but I don’t want to seem like I’m wearing a costume. How do I get a vintage feel but still look modern?


 Answer: For a bride getting married at an historical venue like the Biltmore, I’m often asked how to create a look that fits the setting but is still appropriate for a modern day woman. To keep the look from veering into costume party territory, keep the vintage style focused to one aspect of the look. For instance, if you’ve chosen a gown that has an old-fashioned feel, wear your hair down in a relaxed style and keep accessories minimal. If your dress is more modern, feel free to add vintage touches as accents, like a lace veil or your great-grandmother’s pearl earrings.

Color can also play a big part in keeping your look modern. If your heart is set on having lace or other vintage-inspired details in your gown, look for one that’s available in a fresh white rather than shades of champagne or ivory. A brighter tone can make a vintage-style gown look up-to-date.


Biltmore Bridesmaid Style

Yesterday we showed you a gorgeous, vintage-inspired look for a Biltmore bride. To complement the soft, romantic style of her Johanna Johnson gown and the classic glamour of the stately venue, here’s how we’d style her bridesmaids:


We’d start with a convertible strapless gown from Jenny Yoo in a lovely shade of peachy blush to harmonize with the golden tones in our bridal ensemble. The bridesmaids could style the dress in a variety of ways for an individual look, or they could all keep the classic strapless shape. A bold necklace and a chunky bracelet with vintage charms feels right for the historical venue, while the clutch and shoes add a little pizzazz with sparkle and pattern.

Woodward & Rick Photographers | Asheville Wedding photographer
Photo credit: Woodward & Rick

 Would you choose this ensemble for your bridesmaids?

Chiffon gown, Jenny Yoo

Charm bracelet, Charm and Chain

Necklace, Charm and Chain

Shoes, Alice + Olivia

Folded clutch, Moyna

More inspiration for bridesmaids’ attire:



What an amazing time we had at the Engage!13 conference last week at the gorgeous Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina.  We came back so inspired and thought it would be the perfect venue to feature as our first wedding location of June! Built in 1895 as the residence of George and Edith Vanderbilt, the Biltmore house is still the largest home in America. Not only does the castle-like house cover four acres and feature 250 rooms, the surrounding area has a village filled with restaurants and shops, a winery, and an outdoor adventure center, making it a destination your guests can enjoy for days.

100744SC1 E6

Photo credit: The Biltmore Company

Biltmore Estate wedding, Asheville, NC

Photo credit: Woodward & Ricky

southe terrace venue_parkerjp

Photo credit: Parker J Photograpy

For a dress fit for this historic and elegant venue, we’ve chosen a shimmering gown with a tulle overlay from Johanna Johnson.


We love this dress for a Biltmore bride because it’s sleek and sophisticated, with a feel of old-world glamour just like the venue. To highlight the subtle metallic sheen of the dress, we’ve paired it with accessories in tones of gold and ivory. The gold cuff bracelet and coordinating earrings are perfect for the statement bride, and a beaded clutch completes the look.

What do you think of this bridal style?

Gold cuff, Charm and Chain

Mother of pearl drop earrings, Charm and Chain

Gown, Johanna Johnson

Shoes, Jimmy Choo

Clutch, Moyna

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