Ask Julie

Question: I want to have a vintage-inspired look for my wedding, but I don’t want to seem like I’m wearing a costume. How do I get a vintage feel but still look modern?


 Answer: For a bride getting married at an historical venue like the Biltmore, I’m often asked how to create a look that fits the setting but is still appropriate for a modern day woman. To keep the look from veering into costume party territory, keep the vintage style focused to one aspect of the look. For instance, if you’ve chosen a gown that has an old-fashioned feel, wear your hair down in a relaxed style and keep accessories minimal. If your dress is more modern, feel free to add vintage touches as accents, like a lace veil or your great-grandmother’s pearl earrings.

Color can also play a big part in keeping your look modern. If your heart is set on having lace or other vintage-inspired details in your gown, look for one that’s available in a fresh white rather than shades of champagne or ivory. A brighter tone can make a vintage-style gown look up-to-date.

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