Dear Julie,

I’m getting married in Mexico and I am trying to decide if I should bring my dress with me or have it shipped. If I bring it on the plane, how do you suggest I handle it?

This is a great question and applies every bride getting married in a foreign country.

For domestic weddings I would say that shipping your dress is a perfectly safe thing to do. The salons do an amazing job of packing them, and they send them overnight on an arranged date so there is someone there to sign for it.

But, when shipping to a different country it gets a bit more complicated because of customs.  I once did a photo shoot for a magazine in the Caribbean where a box of dresses arrived three days late because they were held up in customs. I would hate to see this happen to a bride on her wedding day.

So, when going abroad, I suggest bringing it on the plane with you.  Now, the ideal situation is that your dress has it’s own seat, but this is not always a realistic option.   If you can’t do that, the stewardesses are usually pretty nice about putting it in the coat closet in First Class so it can hang. As a last resort, lay it flat in an empty overhead compartment.

When you arrive, make sure you hang the dress so that it is not touching the floor if possible, and take the train out of the garment bag.

I hope this helps, and safe travels!

– Julie