Engage Gatsby Gala: Cindy and Harriette

Finishing off our coverage of the Engage!13 Gatsby Gala, I wanted to share with you this photo of the amazing Cindy Novotny, founder of Master Connection Associates! I just love it. You can really tell how happy she is. And doesn’t she look amazing in her necklace from Charm & Chain!!!

Photo by Andrew Henderson for Carla Ten Eyck

Photo by Andrew Henderson for Carla Ten Eyck

“Julie made me feel like a celebrity that was living the life of a Gatsby Gal.  Thanks for the special touch – it made the evening beyond compare!”  Cindy Novotny


I have to tell you that I was really honored when I got a call from Harriette Rose Katz, Founder and President of Gourmet Advisory Services, asking if I had anything that would look good in her hair! As you all know, she is an icon in the industry, and I have never seen her looking anything short of perfectly put together!  It was an honor to have her and her associate Tracy Friedman come to the suite and select some fun pieces to wear! Here is what she had to say:

“I must admit that I try to bring all the jewelry I think I would need at the Engage events…but the gatsby gala threw me for a loop.  I was so happy to hear that Julie provided gorgeous things.  I was amazed at her collection.  I chose a comb that she promised I could buy…I loved it so much…and it was totally appropriate.” -Harriette Rose Katz

Cindy and Harriette, thank you so much for coming to the Style Suite and letting me blog about it! You both looked amazing!

So that’s it for now on our Engage!13 coverage.  I would love to hear your thoughts, and answer any questions you have about how to dress for a themed event!

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