Oh no! My wedding dress is wrinkled!!!

Q: What do I do if I arrive at my destination wedding and my dress is wrinkled?

This question is a great follow up to last week’s Ask Julie post about the shipping vs. carrying your dress to your destination wedding.  So, if you have taken the precautions we discussed last week (bringing your dress on the plane with you and hanging it up, etc.), here is what you can do if you still get some wrinkles.

When you arrive at your destination take your dress out of the garment bag, lift the plastic layer up to the bodice (which you keep covered) and hang it up as high as possible.  This will hopefully release any wrinkles that may have occurred in transit, and works particularly well in humid climates.

I can’t stress enough that you shouldn’t do anything to your dress unless you absolutely have to.

On the occasions that it is necessary, and you don’t have a dresser with you, call the salon for detailed instructions on how to treat it. Fabrics are different, and therefore handling them is different.  You need to know what’s right for yours.

They will tell you to either steam or iron the dress.  If it’s steam, borrow a steamer from the hotel, and put a sweat sock around the nozzle to catch the drips and sputters of water that come out. If it’s ironing, then make sure you use a cool, dry iron filled with water but with the steam turned off, and a protective layer (like a pillow case) between the dress and the iron.

With either method, always go slowly and test it in a place that you can’t see too much.

I hope that you have no need for these tips at your wedding, but if you do, Good Luck!

– Julie

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